United Way of NCO Executive Director Amber Wertman Cites Collective Impact in Supporting DD

Dear Marion County Friends,

Collective Impact in our community. What is it? What does it mean? In my eyes, it is an effort to collectively work, care for, and support our community.

Imagine a world – a Marion –where titles, egos, personal agendas, and finances were all put aside to focus on the very fabric of our being … the people of Marion County. And I am talking about ALL people of Marion County.

If we all focused our efforts in the same direction, and collectively, imagine the mountains we could move; solving problems, overcoming challenges, one by one – TOGETHER!

What does this do for you, for Marion? It makes you a part of a community that creates real and impactful positive change. A community where people help their friends and neighbors for the greater good.

I say all of this to encourage you to challenge your thinking of “community”. We are seeing a wonderful forward movement that promotes this thought process and calls us to act. Let’s make the first steps toward collective impact with one very simple action step.

Join me in collectively supporting our friends and neighbors with DD. The impact on one household is small, but the impact on our community is priceless.

Collectively yours,

Amber Wertman