The Marion Housing Coalition is spearheaded by the United Way of Marion County, Marion Public Health, and The Ohio State University Extension office to bring together community residents and agency partners to address housing and blight issues in Marion County. The coalition utilizes the Collective Impact framework to create innovative solutions to the very complex issues in Marion.

The coalition is currently in the process of developing evidence-based strategies targeted at the inside of homes (safety and affordability), outside of homes (trash and appearance), and neighborhoods (pride, appearance, safety). The coalition will target census tract 1 as a pilot area to test strategies and receive resident feedback.

Marion Housing Coalition Community Conversation

Tuesday, October 15

Your voice matters! Come to this listening session hosted by the Marion Housing Coalition, join us for a meal, and tell us about your experience with housing in Marion. Join the discussion to help create positive change in our community.

We want to know:

  • What does housing look like in your neighborhood?
  • Is your home safe and affordable?
  • Is your neighborhood safe and affordable?
  • How does identity play a role in how you experience housing?

Part of a Town Hall Series on Housing by the Marion Housing Coalition. For questions, contact United Way at 740-383-3108.

Get more info and event details here.

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