First Grade Class Adopts Hungry Dinosaur; Raises Funds for Community Projects

United Way NCO Participates in Project Inspire

United Way NCO Resource Development Director Leslie Schneider visited with Mrs. Issler’s first grade class at Benjamin Harrison Elementary in Marion on November 21 as part of the class’ Project Inspire program. Project Inspire aims to expose students to a wide range of community career paths.

Leslie talked to the children about what United Way does, and told them more about some of the funded programs they are most familiar with, including the Backpack Program, Let’s Read 20, Royal Family Kids, Safety City, and Boys and Girls Club.

After learning about United Way’s fundraising efforts in support of these local programs, the class decided to become fundraisers themselves and adopted one of our coin-collecting Hungry Dinos. They will give the wooden dinosaur a name, and will decide as a group which program will benefit from the funds they raise.

Stay tuned for updates on the efforts of these generous young citizens!