DONOR SPOTLIGHT: United Church Homes

United Church Homes owns and manages 12 long-term care and retirement communities throughout Ohio, and is one of the largest providers of affordable senior housing in the nation.

Committed to the local communities in which they serve, UCH encourages cooperative efforts with other area non-profit organizations and conducts an annual workplace campaign in support of United Way of Marion County.

  • Managed by a committee of four volunteers, the United Church Home United Way campaign emphasizes fun above all else! Some favorite annual activities include:
  • Flamingo Flocking. Pay to put flamingos in a co-workers office! The Flocked party can pay to have the birds removed, and potential Flockees can purchase insurance to ensure that their office is not Flocked.
  • Office Olympics. Contests are held in Typing, Dexterity, Math, Hula Hoop, Slinky Races, Bubblegum Blowing, Paper Airplane Flyer, and the Heptathlon – all seven events.
  • Talent Show. This event features performances and skits from staff members and families and takes place the week before Christmas.
  • Coin wars, bingo, and coloring contests round out the campaign activities.

Flocking raises money for United Church Homes’ United Way campaign.

The week-long Office Olympics is a fun way to raise money for the UCH United Way workplace campaign.