2020 Community Campaign Readies for Launch

Respond. Recover. Rebuild.

It’s all hands on deck at United Way of North Central Ohio as we prepare to launch our 2020 Community Campaign under the constraints and uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic.

As we consider and plan how best to make sure we have the funds needed to continue our work in the community while addressing the rising needs resulting from the COVID-19 shutdown – 15% of our tri-county workforce is unemployed and more than 350,000 Ohio families sought free food from pantries and other sources during one week in June – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and ineffectual.

But United Way is unparalleled in our power to bring together partners, providers, and resources to address the needs of a community in crisis. COVID-19 presents a new challenge for us, but we’re ready for it.

This is the work we were built to do.

These days more than ever, collective community impact has been at the forefront of our work at United Way of North Central Ohio. As our focus on emergency relief shifts to long term community recovery, we are funding local agencies providing families with employment and financial services, childcare support, and mental health counseling, while continuing to meet the immediate demands for food, shelter, and emergency funds.

To see how we use collective impact and RBA (Results Based Accountability) to ensure your donation makes the largest possible impact on our community, check out Pathway to Funding: How Donor Dollars Lead to Change.

Together, we will overcome this health and economic crisis and will rebuild to a “new normal” in which our community is more resilient and provides equitable opportunities for every resident. We invite you to support your community through a gift to United Way and urge you to advocate for impact by sharing our mission with family and friends. Together, we can make real changes in the lives of real families in Wyandot County.