Program Report

The next Program Report should represent data collected from June 1 through December 31, and is due no later than January 17, 2022. The report should not be submitted prior to the close of the reporting period, or December 31.

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What is RBA?

Basic RBA Principles
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RBA is Results-Based Accountability. RBA uses a data-driven, decision-making process to help communities and organizations get beyond talking about problems to taking action to solve problems. It is a simple, common sense framework that everyone can understand. RBA starts with ends and works backward, towards means. The “end” or difference you are trying to make looks slightly different if you are working on a broad community level or are focusing on your specific program or organization.

United Way of North Central Ohio is committed to using RBA and collective impact throughout our funding process. Please use the resources below as needed while completing the application.

RBA Definitions.
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RBA Glossary

RESULT. Results are conditions of well-being for entire populations – children, adults, families or communities – stated in plain language.

INDICATOR. Indicators are measures that help quantify the achievement of a population result. They answer the question “How would we recognize these results in measurable terms if we fell over them.” Indicators refer only to whole populations, not programs.

PROGRAM. A program, agency, or service system responsible for helping reach the stated RESULTS. Programs are not themselves STRATEGIES; they are expressions of strategies.

PERFORMANCE MEASURE. Performance Measures are measures of how well public and private programs and agencies are working. The most important performance measures tell us whether the clients or customers of the service are better off. Performance Measure can apply to entire agencies, service delivery systems, or individual programs.

CURRENT VALUE. The current level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure at a point in time.

TARGET VALUE. A desired level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure.

Selecting Performance Measures
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Accountability: The Whole vs. the Parts
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United Way of NCO Results & Indicators

RESULT: All residents in north central Ohio live in vibrant neighborhoods.


    • Crime rate
    • # of abandoned/neglected properties
    • % of home ownership
    • % of occupied housing units

RESULT: All children in north central Ohio will achieve their full potential.


    • % of students reading at proficiency by 4th grade
    • % of students who receive a high school diploma in 4 years
    • % of students who demonstrate kindergarten readiness
    • % of preschoolers with access to accredited early childhood programs

RESULT: All children and adults in north central Ohio are mentally and physically healthy.


    • % of people with access to mental health services
    • Rate of abused and neglected children
    • % of food insecure individuals
    • Suicide rate

RESULT: All residents in north central Ohio are able to meet their financial needs.


    • % of households with incomes greater than 200% of the poverty rate
    • Rate of unemployment
    • # of individuals 25 & older who have attained some level of education/certification beyond high school

The Five Conditions of Collective Impact
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