United Way works to advance the common good by focusing on the three building blocks for a good quality of life – education, financial stability and health. We recruit people and organizations from all across the county who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done, and we need you to join us. You can give, you can advocate and you can volunteer. When we work together toward a common purpose, we can solve problems that none of us can solve alone.

Volunteer to help others in your community.

When you volunteer your time to United Way, you are making a personal investment back into the county that you live and/or work in. Even if you don’t know a child on the other side of town, it matters whether that child grows up able to read and becomes a contributing member of this community. We all have a stake in that, and a responsibility to do our part.

How can I volunteer for United Way?

Many people think that they have nothing to offer as a volunteer. They couldn’t be more wrong. The single biggest thing they can provide is time – whether that’s an hour once in a while or an hour each week. Time has become such a precious commodity these days that an hour spent with a child who needs help learning to read, or an hour spent with an adult who needs to understand budgeting, can and will have long-term effects on those lives.

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes. Call United Way of North Central Ohio at 740-383-3108 to find out where you are needed.