2020-2021 Grant Application Timeline

Application Period Is Open as Planned

In order to help protect the health of the community and in compliance with the executive order issued today by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, we have postponed our Pathway to Funding: How Donor Dollars Lead to Change training meetings. The meetings will be rescheduled if and when possible.

The 2020-2021 Community Partner Grant application period opened March 16, as planned. The online application is available below. Recognizing the additional stress and time constraints that partner and prospective partner agencies are under as they respond to the outbreak, we have extended the application due date to April 30. The approval and funding cycle remains the same.

Register and Login to Save Progress

To make the application process easier, please use the form on the right to create a user id and password for our site, if you do not already have one. (If you already have a user id, use the button to login and begin the application, or complete a previously saved application.)

  • After submitting your User Registration use the logon button below to sign in.
  • When logged in, return to the application and begin. You will be able to save your progress on the form by clicking on the Save button at the end of the form.
  • When returning to the site, use the button or the User Login link on the upper left menu bar and return to the form (you’ll find your entries retained; please note, uploaded documents ARE NOT saved) to complete and submit the application.
  • When you are successfully logged in, you will see “Welcome, Username” in the upper right of the screen.
  • If you are not logged in, you will not be able to save your progress and return to the form; you WILL be able to complete and submit the form in one session as long as you do not navigate away from the page before submitting.
  • The application is best viewed and completed in these browers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Documents you’ll need:

You’ll be asked to upload pdf files of the following documentation. The Save Progress button WILL NOT retain uploads; please upload as a last step before submitting:

  • IRS Exemption Determination Letter
  • Organization’s name and mission statement on marketing piece (or letterhead)
  • Recent 990 or independent audit
  • Other supporting material (if desired)
User Login

User Registration

United Way Community Partner Grant Application

The application is best viewed and completed in these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Please provide as much detail as possible about your organization and its community impact. Most fields require an answer, indicated by *. Detailed responses will provide more data on which your application can be scored.

When your application submission is complete, you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page. You will also receive an email at the email address you provided confirming the successful submission and including your responses to the application fields. You can print this email to have a record of your completed application.

**If you are not able to complete the entire application in one session, please follow the instructions above for registering as a user and saving your progress BEFORE you begin to fill out the form.**

If you need assistance with application questions or content, please call Kris at 740-383-3108. For technical assistance with the form, please email laura@unitedwaynco.org.

Applying for Multiple Programs

If you are applying for grant funding for multiple programs or in multiple counties, and want to work on the applications concurrently, you can open a second and third form in new tabs using the buttons below. If you are logged on as a registered user, you will be able to save these forms also, and will find them under these buttons when you return.

Open 2nd Application
Open 3rd Application

What is RBA?

RBA is Results-Based Accountability. RBA uses a data-driven, decision-making process to help communities and organizations get beyond talking about problems to taking action to solve problems. It is a simple, common sense framework that everyone can understand. RBA starts with ends and works backward, towards means. The “end” or difference you are trying to make looks slightly different if you are working on a broad community level or are focusing on your specific program or organization.

United Way of North Central Ohio is committed to using RBA and collective impact throughout our funding process. Please use the resources below as needed while completing the application.

RBA Definitions.
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RBA Glossary

RESULT. Results are conditions of well-being for entire populations – children, adults, families or communities – stated in plain language.

INDICATOR. Indicators are measures that help quantify the achievement of a population result. They answer the question “How would we recognize these results in measurable terms if we fell over them.” Indicators refer only to whole populations, not programs.

STRATEGY. Strategies are coherent collections of actions which have a reasoned chance of improving results.

PROGRAM. A program, agency, or service system responsible for helping reach the stated RESULTS. Programs are not themselves STRATEGIES; they are expressions of strategies. Programs are specific ways of implementing strategies, usually targeted toward a specific sub-group within the population.

PERFORMANCE MEASURE. Performance Measures are measures of how well public and private programs and agencies are working. The most important performance measures tell us whether the clients or customers of the service are better off. Performance Measure can apply to entire agencies, service delivery systems, or individual programs.

ACTION. An action, project, or initiative that has a start and end date that is undertaken to improve an Indicator or Performance Measure.

ACTUAL VALUE. The actual level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure at a point in time.

TARGET VALUE. A desired level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure.

FORECAST VALUE. An estimated future level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure.

2020 United Way of NCO Results & Indicators

RESULT: All residents in north central Ohio live in safe neighborhoods.


    • Crime rate
    • # of abandoned/neglected properties
    • % of home ownership
    • # of homeless individuals
    • Cost of housing

RESULT: All children in north central Ohio will achieve their full potential.


    • % of students reading at grade level in 3rd grade
    • % of students who receive a high school diploma
    • % of students who enter kindergarten ready
    • # of kids in foster care

RESULT: All children and adults in north central Ohio are mentally and physically healthy.


    • % of youth avoiding risky behaviors
    • % of confirmed abuse cases
    • Rate of teen pregnancy
    • Food insecurity rate
    • Suicide rate

RESULT: All residents in north central Ohio are able to meet their financial needs.


    • % of households with incomes greater than 200% of the poverty rate
    • Rate of unemployment
    • # of individuals 25 & older who have attained some level of education/certification beyond high school
    • # of homeless individuals

The Five Conditions of Collective Impact.
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Performance Measure Matrix
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Most Important Measures
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